Crocodile Snaps His Keeper’s Arm In Half In The Middle Of The Show As A Horrified Crowd Watches!

An animal show in Thailand on new year’s eve turned out to be a nightmare for both the performer and the audience when the crocodile which was the main attraction of the show bit the performer’s arm off in the middle of the show.3BCE3CC800000578-4083890-Trainer_Sumet_Thongkhammuan-a-18_1483443716009Trainer Sumet Thongkhammuan was entertaining crowds at the Bung Boraphet ‘Show of Crocodiles’ in Nakhon Sawan, Thailand on New Years Eve.
He teases the enormous reptile by poking its head with a stick – then shows off by placing his arm deep inside the beast’s deadly jaws.3BCE3CCC00000578-4083890-image-a-19_1483443749807But the crocodile snaps his mouth shut – and then flips over Thongkhammuan in a death roll to mimic drowning him,
Incredibly, Thongkhammuan emerges alive but holding up his arm broken in half with his hand hanging loosely in the air.3BCE3CDC00000578-4083890-image-a-22_1483443824871It is the third crocodile attack capture in Thailand in under a week. Last week a trainer had to do a death roll when a crocodile bit his wrist at Phuket Crocodile Farm in Phuket.
While a French female tourist was attacked while posing for a selfie with a crocodile in Khao Yai.3BCE3CE400000578-4083890-image-a-20_1483443782289Crocodiles are a popular in Thailand – doubling as a tourist attraction and a heavily-farmed reptile whose leathers are used to make goods including clothes, designer handbags and shoes.

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