It’s time to stand united against the evils of Venezuela, pleads Mercedes Brito

In the celebrated Batman film, The Dark Knight, we found “The Joker’s” character to be one of the purest, undiluted forms of evil.

What off course made the film stand out apart from Batman’s chivalry was Joker’s euphemism indicating rather harsh bluntness in the way the government functions, rather can be made to function. “Introduce a little anarchy and upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos. Am an agent of chaos”, the Joker exulted vehemently.

The above might actually be apt to define the current state of Venezuela, the revered oil-rich South American nation that’s spun into a state of utter political chaos. So bad is the present state of Venezuela that its functioning has spiralled out of control from government hands and fears are rife about blatant backlashes between the State and its People.

But, it’s also important to understand what might have caused such a big gloom in an otherwise peaceful democracy, that is sadly on the verge of becoming a dictatorship, as far as present fears are concerned. Hugo Chavez, the late head of the state had believably introduced instead of reforms, a rather distorted and self-serving concept of ‘Chavism’- a form of socialism that paralysed the Venezuelan economy and sent it into a shudder of dismay.

Amidst such times, brave voices like celebrated actress, television presenter and model Mercedes Brito has lashed out against her country- pointing fingers rightly at the corrupt present establishment that has only fractured an already troubled nation.

She revealed several insights on the present situation. That the commoner in Caracas and elsewhere in the country had a voice, a soul in the participation of the running the nation was a false promise by Chavez. A lie so grand, telling which, till the very last moment, he succumbed to his end whilst his country plunged to an economic meltdown. There are problems like inflation, open corruption and systematic running down of state-run establishments.

This has hampered the infrastructure and public-private partnerships in developing an economy that urgently stands in desperate need for reforms. With her voice of concern and reason, Mercedes Brito wants to reach out to the last mile of town in a country savaged internally with a hope to unite and fight out the evils current running it. Rather, ruining it. Will you support Mercedes in this pious, conscientious initiative? Stand together, now!

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